Music Videos

for bands, ensembles, musicians & singers

We offer high-art music videos created with a great sense of story, a vibe for the lifestyle and values of the music artist, and musically rhythmic video editing. You won't find this kind of delicate attention to detail and thoughtful storytelling anywhere else. 

Dance Films

for dance companies, ensembles & dancers

We offer video for single dance pieces, live dance performances, and unique dance film production involving working with our storytelling crew, set designers, costume designers, and choreographers.

Commercial Film

for businesses, startups & entrepreneurs

Nothing sells product like story. The story of how an invention came to be, the story of the entrepreneur's journey, the story of the problem that your product solves... We use creative ways to connect you to your ideal clientele. This expands your audience, effortlessly attracts new clientele, and strengthens your existing client relationships.

At Madwoman, we pride ourselves in our ability to tell a compelling story through film, and engage your clients as audience members.