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Period Piece

"Don't You Make Me Mad"
Madame Z & Jonah Udall

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Live Audio

Full Mini-Concert in black & white
Kaptain Bottletop

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Dance Film

"Lincoln in the Driveway"
Madame Z & Jonah Udall

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Period Piece

"City Girl"
Madame Z & Jonah Udall

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Don't You Make Me Mad

Madame Z & Jonah Udall

This music video was inspired by the Film Noir genre and follows a series of characters in a complex love triangle. Set in an underground Speakeasy circa 1948, this period piece explores movement and story with a big brass jazz band, screen actors and Bob Fosse inspired dance choreography.
Original song & big band composition by Madame Z & Jonah Udall.

Fan Feedback

"Truly a thing of beauty!  It's really got heart and soul."
- Ed McClary,  journalist at The Professional Musician

"At last - young talent with an eye to the future."
- Marc Vandenplas, business cowboy

"Pure Genius and world class."
- Dan Frichette, touring musician

"Mama mia! Gorgeous!"
- Emily Shaw,  podcaster at Pandora



Kaptain Bottletop

This is a unique music video because it was filmed and recorded simultaneously, using light shields and wind screens to control the audio/visual environment in an outdoor setting. The audio was recorded with professional mics and mixed in-studio. The instruments being played in the film are traditional 10-stringed fiddles from Norway, called the Hardanger d'Amore and the Hardanger fiddle. 

Kaptain Bottletop is an eclectic fiddle duo that plays traditional music from Norway, Sweden, Quebec, Ireland, Scotland and the British Isles.


Lincoln in the Driveway

Madame Z & Jonah Udall

This music video is done in the dance film style. It's a simple video that focuses on the language of movement, expression through dance and creating a vibe. Starring Cavalia acrobats from Guinea, West Africa, this music video explores dance choreography and freestyle dance in collaboration with Madame Z and her team.


Plastic Jesus

Two Drifters

This is a unique music video because it was filmed and recorded simultaneously, using the backseat of a car as an isolation booth. The audio was recorded with a handheld digital recorder, then lightly EQ'd and otherwise untouched. This is a raw performance done in a single take, all one shot.

This piece gives the casual feel of two friends on the road, jamming to familiar songs on a hot summer's day in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fan Feedback

"This is the best version of this song I have ever heard."

"These two do the song right!"

"I remember this song from when I was younger and you two do an awesome job of it!"

"Justine Lucas, I just saw your video and it brought a tear to my eye which says a lot...
hardly anyone can do what you both did to me."

"Is it just me or does this girl sound a bit like June Carter?"

"I watched this video for a long time. You guys rock."

"Woke up with this song in my head and this is now my favourite cover.
You two are just wonderful."

VIDEO STYLE: story line

Couldn't Know

Justine Lucas

This music video is done in the story line style, with characters, a story and a plot. Starring Cavalia stage musician Serge Gamache from Quebec, Canada, Justine Lucas tells the story of the life of a friend of hers while playing one of the characters in the story on screen.


Keep Me

Justine Lucas

This sweet little film was a solo project Justine Lucas filmed on her phone while traveling with Cavalia, an Equestrian dance show that was created by the co-creator of Cirque du Soleil. This film, Keep Me, is done with live-action stop-motion. It was filmed in various locations throughout New York, Texas, California and Quebec while on tour.

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