Madwoman Productions

Madwoman Productions is a San Francisco based film production company that specializes in Music Videos, Dance Films, and Live Event videography. San Francisco producer & director Justine Lucas joins forces with East Bay cinematographer Kent Kessinger, Los Angeles editing expert Izzy Vieyra, and San Francisco sound engineer Scott Tolar in this California dream team. Madwoman utilizes elements of fine art, theatre, dance, historical storytelling, and intellectual themes to create evocative works of art. 

Meet the Founder...

Justine Lucas

artist & creative visionary

Justine Lucas attained her BFA from San Francisco State University in Studio Art with a dual emphasis in Oil Painting and Sculpture, and a minor in World Music & Dance. After college, Justine toured the US & Canada with various bands and circus productions for 5 years, studying the art of performance, costuming, and stage production. Based in San Francisco, California, Justine Lucas is making high art and great film accessible for independent artists everywhere, applying tools and knowledge she gained from her travels and her well-rounded degree in the arts to every client project she embarks on.

  • Director & Producer

    As a director, Justine orchestrates videos with an attention to detail, passion for the stage and big picture vision. As a producer, she organizes collaborations between brilliant specialists to propel each project.

  • Singer & Performer

    Known around the Bay Area as Madame Z for her jazz band cabaret, and as a solo singer-songwriter for her prolific lyricism, director and performer Justine Lucas is an active part of the local music community.

Video & Audio

for musicians & artists

We offer video, photography and recording services in which you'll be working with a small team to make your baddest, maddest creative visions come to life. We also offer seasonal workshops to enable & empower artists to create their own music videos, photography, graphic design, music marketing and  social media campaigns.

music videos

We produce music videos with a small creative team of Bay Area film specialists to help you convey your wildest visions on screen. Our most common video styles are period piece, story film, art film, dance film, stop-motion and live audio. 

Video Gallery

debut & demo recording

We record debut songs for new artists who want to get their voices out there and demos for bands who want to prepare for recording an album. We also work with various recording studios in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz as creative director and producer.

Behind the Scenes

band photography

We offer band photography, head shots, Instagram photoshoots and live event photography. We also do merchandise product photography for online stores. We do outdoor photo shoots on location and indoor photo shoots in the studio of your choice.

Photo Gallery


We offer seasonal video, photo, performance and music marketing workshops for self-starter music artists and entrepreneurs.  Get empowered with skills, tools and knowledge!


Creative Career Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching sessions to unlock your hidden potential, achieve your creative goals, and build a sustainable career doing what you love.

Career Coaching

Commercial Media Services

for creative businesses & entrepreneurs

We offer video, photography and graphic design to help get your message out there, promote your work and expand your client base.

Commercial Video

We offer product videos, filmed interviews, filmed podcast production, presentation videos for internal use, live event videography and story-pitch videos to help startups branch out and get new investors.

Video Gallery


We offer product photography, employee headshots, banner photography for websites and social platforms, event photography for PR materials and company photoshoots for social media marketing.

Photo Gallery


We offer consulting on product, design, creative, and marketing. Help your clients or customers connect with your product or service and lead with creative vision.


Logo Design

We offer graphic design and hand-drawn illustration services to create a logo that is unique to your brand and helps you attract your ideal clients.

Logo Gallery