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The Violin Geek

with Laurel Thomsen

If you're a musician, artist, dancer, or maybe a business owner, and you're looking to create more compelling videos, photos, performances, and presentations, listen in as Laurel Thomsen speaks with Justine Lucas, singer-songwriter, director, producer, and the creative spark behind Madwoman Productions, a San Francisco based company helping independent artists and entrepreneurs be seen and heard.



Photo, Audio & Film Services for Musicians & Artists:

play your favorite venues

Grow Your Audience

The main difference between you and well-known artists you admire is visibility. Music Videos and Professional Media wildly grow your visibility by creating a strong online presence and connecting you with your local music scene.  Let's get visible!

Video & Audio

for musicians & artists

We offer video, photography and recording services in which you'll be working with a small team to make your baddest, maddest creative visions come to life. We also offer seasonal workshops to enable & empower artists to create their own music videos, photography, graphic design, music marketing and  social media campaigns.

music videos

We produce music videos with a small creative team of Bay Area film specialists to help you convey your wildest visions on screen. Our most common video styles are period piece, story film, art film, dance film, stop-motion and live audio. 

Video Gallery

debut & demo recording

We record debut songs for new artists who want to get their voices out there and demos for bands who want to prepare for recording an album. We also work with various recording studios in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz as creative director and producer.

Behind the Scenes

band photography

We offer band photography, head shots, Instagram photoshoots and live event photography. We also do merchandise product photography for online stores. We do outdoor photo shoots on location and indoor photo shoots in the studio of your choice.

Photo Gallery

Go Mad!

with madwoman

Tell us about your wildest dreams. What are they? What do they look like? Where do you have to be as a musician to get there? What are your strong-points and what do you need help with?
Chances are, whatever it is, we can help you make that dream happen in a big and very real way.
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