Music School Logo

for Mountain Music School

This logo project went from graphic to illustrated during the creative process of helping the client discover the look they needed.

See some of the other designs we created throughout the journey of custom development for this logo in the gallery below!


Logo Uses

There are many ways to use finished logo. It is a huge part of your commercial branding packet and should be the signature mark on all of your promotional materials.

Mountain Music School is really smart about the way they reiterate their logo in different ways for different platforms. Notice how their school banners use a color version of the logo, their video intros use a black and white animated version, and their website uses a transparent background version and an inverted white over transparent background version, allowing them to place their logo over any photograph or graphic.
HAND-ILLUSTRAtion + Graphic Design

Massage Therapy Logo

for Rose Snowing McPherren

This logo project combined elements of graphic design (ring and lotus) with hand illustration (human figure) to create a striking, bold, and totally custom look.

See the progression of the logo as it developed below!

HAND-ILLUSTRATion + graphic design process

Music Studio Logo

for Sonivore Studios

This logo project went from hand illustrated, to graphic with name, to graphic with S initial, to a simple and elegant app-style icon. The image invokes a likeness to a record spinning, with the arm of the record player combined with an autumn leaf.

See the full metaphasis of this logo below!

illustrated works

Line Art

Extending upon logo design, here are a few examples of other uses of line art to help you build your brand with our signature hand-done yet clean and professional look.

Art for

Justine Lucas

"When in doubt, start with yourself!"
This is Illustrator and Singer-Songwriter Justine Lucas's approach to pretty much any new art form or creative service. After years of drawing for her own music purposes, so many of her friends started asking for illustrated work from her that she was able to turn it into a part time career. Now Justine's time is split between Video work and Illustration work, and she could not be more thrilled.

"My dad always said - Do what you love and the money will come - I never actually believed him until now!" says Justine Lucas, Director, Producer, and Head of the Art Department at Madwoman Productions.

Art for

Carolina Duncan

This illustration was a commission from Carolina "Coi Coi" Duncan-Page, a circus performer and circus arts director in Colombia. This was created for Coi Coi's logo as a solo performer, and for merch and media purposes.

Art for

11th Hour Coffee

This illustration was a commission for 11th Hour Coffee in Santa Cruz, California. This image portrays two cafe regulars speaking joyously in the peaceful environment of the cafe while the outside world spins in utter chaos. The title for this piece, as proclaimed by the cafe owners, is "Peace in Chaos".

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