Art for Film

Justine's filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production.
  1. Mood boards that express the unified look of each scene including location, costume, color scheme, lighting, and material textures.
  2. Film treatments that describe what the camera sees from beginning to end of a scene.
  3. Storyboards that illustrate the main frames; characters in frame, expression or action, camera movement, shot type (wide angle, medium shot, or close-up) and perspective (side-angle, straight-on, or follow-shot).
  4. Film stills from actual film shoot, portraying final product and the actualization of initial mood boards.
NOTE: The following slides are for a new film currently in production called "City Girl"

Film Production

A short film style music video set in the late 1940's in a San Francisco speakeasy
Written, storyboarded, produced, directed, performed and edited by Justine Lucas

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