Video Services

Music Videos

Convey the message of your song through storytelling and world building.

Recommended for singers & musicians


Dance Films

Capture the movement, feel, and emotional environment of your dance piece.

Recommended for dancers & choreographers


Live Audio Music Videos

Record your music professionally and make a live performance video at the same time.

Recommended for singers & musicians


Art Films

Create an abstract film that is artistic, evocative and creative. 

Recommended for writers, artists, and performers


Artist Documentaries

Get exposure by telling your story and sharing your artwork with the world. 

Recommended for writers, artists, and performers



We work with you to develop a narrative that will attract your ideal client and convey your brand.

Recommended for entrepreneurs & small businesses


Performance Videography

Dance Performances, Concerts, Plays, the Ballet, Opera, and Symphony.

Recommended for performers


Event Videography

We film Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Galas, Fundraisers, Parties, and Work Events.

Recommended for individuals & organizations


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The main difference between you and well-known artists you admire is visibility.
Music Videos and Professional Media wildly grow your visibility by creating a strong online presence and connecting you with your local music scene.  Let's get visible!