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photography 101

learn what makes a great photograph 

In this one-day workshop you will learn all the basics about the workings of your camera, what all the settings do and how to best use them. You will also learn about composition, working with natural and artificial light. We’ll go into specifics about what makes a great photograph and how to best capture your subject or moment.

Aug 18th, 2021 at 2:30pm PST 
Workshop taught live on Zoom 
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Workshop Itinerary

This workshop is 90 minutes
The class itself is 1 hour and 15 minutes, followed by a 15 min Q & A where you will be able to ask specific questions about your own project or equipment.
Photography 101

Aug 18th @ 2:30pm


Introduction and Peer meet


Photo Technique: Settings, Focus, White Balance, Aperture, Shutter Speed


5 min photo exercise


Photo Technique: Composition, Working with Light, Creating Depth, Color Theory


5 min photo exercise


Q&A and Follow-up assignment

Mark Your Calendars!

Photography 101 will be occurring in August of 2021.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about their camera, taking artistic photographs, doing social media photo shoots, or enhancing the visual quality of their videography skills or all of the above.

Workshop Hosts

Meet our team members for this wonderful workshop series!

Justine Lucas

Workshop Instructor 
(she / her)

Justine will be teaching workshops live on zoom, leading group discussions, providing feedback on your creative content, and creating custom templates and materials for the work of the class.

Tea Pribor

Workshop Assistant 
(they / them)

Tea will be assisting with the class, watching the live chat and selecting questions for discussion, providing professional feedback and assisting with technical aspects.