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Join the Madwoman Creative Soul Club facebook group and connect with other musicians & artists in your area. Post your own upcoming shows, find out about what's happening artistically in SF, LA, NYC, and all over. Participate in discussion topics and express your own creative process and experiences.

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Meet local artists and hear their stories through our podcasts:

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workshop festivals

Meet local artists and hear their stories through our podcasts:

  • MadTrad - Traditional Folk Music workshop festival (Celtic, Bluegrass, Quebecois, & Northern hemisphere)

  • MadJazz - Eclectic Jazz Music workshop festival (Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Improv, & Jazz Composition)

  • MadDance - Jazz & World Dance workshop festival (Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Balkan, & Ceili Dance)

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You can absolutely make a simple and creative music video using just your phone. Join one of our workshops and work alongside artists in your field, while we walk you through the DIY filmmaking process. 

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Support the continued creation of our free Blog and Podcasts by becoming a patron on the director's patreon page! A lot of time and resources go into these projects, including paying guest writers, copy editors, audio engineers, and offering production discounts to our Mad Artist of the Month Award winners. Help us lift up the art of others, and make a difference in the free art we can create for you! 

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We feature a new up-and-coming independent artists on our blog every month. Whether you're a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, dancer, actor, writer, painter, sculpture, art teacher... whatever it is, the world needs you! So let's get your art out there and connect you with a wider audience. 

As the MadArtist of the month, you will be featured on our Blog, interviewed on our podcast, and receive a discount towards your first music video production with Madwoman Productions.

Fill out the submission form to the right to apply. Applicants will be reviewed by the 3rd week of every month for the spotlight of the following month.

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Are you an independent music artist, filmmaker, visual artist, or performer? Are you looking for press to support your creative career? We do album reviews, music video reviews, dance performance reviews, and artist interviews. Reach out and get featured in our blog. You can fill out our Artwork Spotlight Form to the right, or send a custom email.

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