live on zoom!

The DIY Video Making Workshop is taught on zoom. If you have other friends who are interested in joining, we recommend organizing watch parties for each live class!


DIY Filmmaking

Learn to make a professional looking video 
using just your phone!

In these live online workshops, you and many other artists & entrepreneurs just like you will all learn alongside each other while actively working on your own D.I.Y. video project for your art, music, or business. 

WORKSHOP FLOW: The workshop is broken into 6 classes spread out across 6 weeks, with one workshop per week. This time frame allows you to work on your video between classes. By the end of this 6 class workshop series, you will have a complete music video or promotional video that you made entirely on your own, for free. And you will have learned all the tools and skills needed to do it again and again.


6 Class 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Join us for this 6-class workshop series, and come out of it with a creative and professional-looking music video or promotional video that you made yourself. Get empowered with knowledge and explore your own creativity. Once you have these skills, nothing can stop you!

In the orientation before our first workshop, you'll get a chance to meet the instructor and all your fellow creatives in the workshop. You'll also get a chance to introduce your music, art, or line of work to the group. All workshop classes are at least an hour, and you'll be able to share your process and stay connected with the class group throughout the week in our private creatives-only facebook group.

Class 1


Brainstorm & Develop

This first class focuses on the creative development of your film. You will be essentially coming up with the who-what-where-when-why of your project. We'll brainstorm story, location, characters, costumes, the works. Then, you'll have time to develop your concept and share your ideas  in the online group chat.

90 minutes

(including idea-share and Q & A)

 Class 2


 Storytelling On Screen

In this class, you will learn how to develop a story arch or plot line, and storyboard with stick figures. We'll work with things you already have, and suggest cheap quick-fix gear ideas for things you don't have.

60 minutes

(including idea-share and Q & A)

Class includes downloadable plot & writing templates & materials.

Class 3

Lighting & Framing

Creating the Shot

In this class, you will learn all about lighting the scene and framing yourself on screen. This class in itself is also extremely useful for those who do a lot of interviews or youtube videos, and those who host a lot of zoom meetings.

60 minutes

(including idea-share and Q & A)

Class 4


The Secret of Professional Films

Sound will seriously make or break a film. It is the most overlooked element in amateur filmmaking, and makes the biggest difference in your final video. In this class, you will learn about all the different ways of recording the best sound quality you can with what you already have. Sound quality isn't just about microphones, it's also about controlling the sound environment with different tools and materials.

60 minutes

(including idea-share and Q & A)

Class 5


Capturing the Moment

Welcome to your first day of production! In this class, we will talk about filming techniques ~ specifically ways to film yourself, film movement, moving shots, and get useable b-footage. We'll also help you create a shot list, a prop list, and a gear list to figure out all the materials you'll need to make your video.

60 minutes

(including idea-share and Q & A)

Class includes downloadable spreadsheets for shot list, prop list, & gear list.

Class 6


Technique & Tools

Onto post-production! In this class, you'll learn the basic skills of video editing. It's essentially a live video editing tutorial - where you can ask all of your questions and get complete clarity before embarking on editing your video. You will then have a whole week to edit things together, using your storyboard as a guideline for easy edits.

60 minutes

(including idea-share and Q & A)

Class includes our tutorials for use of different editing programs.

THE DIY Filmmaking

Workshop Film Fest

Share the video you make in this class with your friends & community!

At the end of the workshop, and after the editing period, you will have a chance to be a part of our Winter Online Film Festival and show your finished video to a fun creative audience or musicians and artists.


DIY Filmmaking

investment options

Invest in your career with this 6-class workshop, and come out of it with a completed music video or promotional video and a set of filmmaker skills. This workshop is designed to enable and empower you to be able to create videos for yourself, whenever you feel inspired.
Videography 101:
Filming Yourself


  • This 1-Day Workshop is an optional but recommended prerequisite class for the DIY Video Making Workshop

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Videography 102:
Going Pro


  • This 1-Day Workshop is an optional but recommended prerequisite class for the DIY Video Making Workshop

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DIY Filmmaking:
Make a film in 7 weeks!


  • In this 6-Class Workshop you'll learn filmmaking basics and actively create a short film or music video.

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