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Music Review by Justine Lucas

In Mirrors

Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes spin fire at the loading docks of Oakland’s Bay port. A Luscious Jackson infused bass line meets a Pixies textured guitar line. Loud, extra, and well groomed, In Mirrors is both captivating and danceable. Pretty Frankenstein delivers crisp musicianship, a singable chorus, and a fluid arrangement. A clever linguistic work with effortless flow from singer Grey Starr. Full of pride and wisdom, lyrically compact yet digestible:

Some of us are queer and work our whole damn lives
Just to keep our lights on and play shows at night”

I’ve followed this band for a while, and this is a totally new avenue for them. Makes me thirst for their new album and all of its delicious surprises (out this summer).

My Spooky Valentine

Iggy Pop and Supergrass put on a DIY production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which Jello Biafra plays Frank N. Furter. The New Pornographers and Queen sit in the audience, singing along and throwing blood-kissed roses up on stage. 

This song is like a mini-rock opera. Heads up: there's a nuanced slow-down solo vocal moment two minutes in. This vulnerable voice presents a single somber moment, that is of course until the zombie choir comes in with “for blood and brains”. Laugh my ass off… while still crying (lmao wsc). Lyrics range from comedic and playful to dark and bold.

[He] had hair like Ziggy Stardust, and a mind like Vincent Price
I never thought that I could ever find a guy so right”

A total dreamboat for all you sapiosexuals out there just waiting to dive into a world of ghoulish intellectual fantasy. 

Later on in the song, singer Grey Starr speaks against prejudices towards the LGBTQ community by stating a rhetorical question laced with reverse psychology and nihilistic sorrow:

How is life worth living if living is a sin?”

We’ve all felt this way about something or other at different points in our lives; judged, unheard, out-of-place... The question is: how can we rise above it all and pick each other up in the process? Music is definitely one of the most effective ways.

A poignant message, a bold attitude, a queer Halloween party anthem from Bay Area’s own Pretty Frankenstein.

About the Band & Upcoming Album:

This double single is a sneak-peek at Pretty Frankenstein’s new album, also titled In Mirrors which will be released in June later this year. The album is a celebration of Oakland: of the arts, diversity, and of rock and roll. Singer Grey Starr is a trans woman from Oakland and a celebrated “rainbow goth”, a term her friends invented to describe the way she dresses and presents. Navigating sensitive personhood in a senseless world… Grey expresses her journey and transition through the lyrical storytelling in her new songs. She courageously speaks out against the injustices she sees around her. Gey’s lyrical articulation and theatrical voice paired with the band’s musical flavors of punk, rock, metal, and pop makes this group a powerful machine.

The album In Mirrors comes out June 24th! Go listen to this radical double single now and tell your punk-ass friends about it.

The rainbow goth rebellion… has begun.

Music Review by Justine Lucas 


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