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We'll design your merch, create your album artwork, shoot your band photography, and film your music videos. We do it all. And at Madwoman, you'll be working with a team of talented artists & designers who also happen to be musicians! So we know exactly what you're going through and what it takes. We'll get to know you as an artist and translate that into the visual design aesthetic of your brand.
Your Madwoman Media Kit will not only impress bookers and agents, but convey a consistent look & vibe to your fans.



We offer band photography, headshots, social media photos, live show photography, and merch or product photography.

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Album Art

Each album cover is a custom work of art. Covers can be hand-painted, hand-illustrated, custom graphic art, or custom photography.

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Merch Art

T-shirt & merch designs are custom illustrated in various styles including line art, high contrast, and block illustration.

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