Justine Lucas

Color Key Artist

Visual artist with over 20 years of professional painting and graphic art experience, 11 years of higher education in fine arts, and 10 years of film study with professional experience in both photography and cinematography.
  • SF School of the Arts Diploma

  • SFSU Painting & Sculpture BFA 

Graphic Design
  • Randm Graphics Internship

  • Moderna Art & Design SE

  • EKF Internship

  • Madwoman Productions SE



My mediums of choice are acrylic paint, oil paint, India ink, charcoal, watercolor, and graphite. Since attaining my BFA at SFSU with a dual emphasis in Painting & Sculpture, I have continued producing and showcasing works in the Bay Area. My recent complete series follows the intimate daily life of circus performers, inspired by my years traveling with both local and international circus troupes including Cavalia, Cirque Du Soleil, as well as Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. I have also written and illustrated a children's book and am currently working on a hand-painted animation film project.


    Fine Art Major 
    Dual Emphasis: Painting & Sculpture 
    World Music & Dance Minor


    Visual Arts Major

Conceptual Art

Circus Series

Painting & Drawing

Concept: The mundane daily lives of extravagant circus performers.

Technique: Exploring a muted pallet, working with primaries, impressionist brush strokes, controlled lighting, emotive facial expressions, and off-screen action reminiscent of thriller fiction.

Children's Book Illustration

Ink Pen

Red Line Series

Painting & Drawing

Concept: The connection between people as well as within the self.

Technique: Exploring a muted pallet, grayscale with red color pop, working with shape and line, working with negative space and composition. Addressing the emotional body, the physical body, and the spiritual life force within every person.

Fantasy Works

Painting & Drawing

Concept: Surrealism, history, violence, religion.

Technique: Exploring a saturated color palette, various brush strokes, reminiscent of fantasy fiction.

Art Fundamentals

Figure Studies

Charcoal, Conte Crayon

Figure Paintings

Oil paint

Figure Sculptures

Terracotta Clay

Portrait Studies


Animal Studies

India Ink

Landscapes & Interiors 


Oil & Acrylic Paint



Time of Day Study

Ink Pen
Landscape zooming in with cloud movement and color shift over time:

Photography & Cinema 


Lighting Study

35 mm film & digital


Justine Lucas's filmmaking process

  1. Mood boards that express the unified look of each scene including location, costume, color scheme, lighting, and material textures.
  2. Film treatments that describe what the camera sees from beginning to end of a scene.
  3. Storyboards that illustrate the main frames; characters in frame, expression or action, camera movement, shot type (wide angle, medium shot, or close-up) and perspective (side-angle, straight-on, or follow-shot).
  4. Film stills from actual film shoot, portraying final product and the actualization of initial mood boards.
NOTE: The following slides are for a new film currently in production called "City Girl"

Film Example

Written, storyboarded, produced, directed, performed and edited by Justine Lucas.
A short film style music video set in the late 1940's in a San Francisco speakeasy.

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